Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq can be used to receive notifications from Trust Swiftly about verification statuses.

Create Bot and Setup Incoming Handler

  1. Copy and paste the below snippet for the bot to automatically post a message for the webhook.

  2. Add your unique bot incoming webhook url and token. For example, first get the Incoming Webhook Endpoint and then select Webhook Tokens. You can name the bot Trust Swiftly.

  3. Go to Integration Keys and add the below url to your setup. Make sure to replace with your own settings.

  • Add the Trust Swiftly bot to any channels you require

// Incoming Webhook Handler Code Snippet. You should create a bot name "Trust Swiftly" and Channel "Trust Swiftly"
response = Map();
verification_name = body.get("verification_name");
email = body.get("email");
user_url = body.get("user_url");
user_id = body.get("user_id");
status = body.get("verification_status");
first_name = body.get("first_name");
last_name = body.get("last_name");
phone = body.get("phone");
date = body.get("date");
response = {"text":"A new verification was updated: \n Method: " + verification_name + " \n Email: " + email + "\n Phone: " + phone + " \n User ID:" + user_id + "\n [View User URL](" + user_url + ") \n Status: " + status + " \n Date: " + date,"card":{"title":"Verification Update","theme":"modern-inline"},"buttons":{{"label":"View Details","type":"+","action":{"type":"open.url","data":{"web":user_url}}}}};
response.put('bot',{"name":"Trust Swiftly","image":"https://trustswiftly.com/assets/img/favicon.png"});
// Comment the below code if you do not have a channel called Trust Swiftly
return response;

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