This documentation will show you how to integrate Trust Swiftly into your Web Application and communicate with our private API.


Integration Options (Web)


Follow the HTML + Javascript integration to create a button or form for users to complete their verifications. A form will display the different required verifications for the user.

Use the API to programmatically add users and modify required verifications. The API can be used in conjunction with the embed or alone by using the magic link to create a simple verification button.

Use the no code integration to share a simple link through email, chat, or SMS which will redirect the user to a hosted page to complete verifications. This method requires an admin to add the user to verify manually and then review them once complete.

Use iOS and Android webview implementations to integrate your native app with Trust Swiftly.

Direct users to our signup page to register details themselves for onboarding and then allow them to complete the template verification request. This method requires no upfront work and can be used as customer identity management platform.

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