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The button integration with a link is another simple integration that allows for faster page loading and minimal setup.


The button link integration is a simple integration method that allows for the most compatibility of devices. The user will be redirected to your hosted verification page to complete the required steps. Upon completion we can redirect the user back to your in-flow steps and send notifications through webhooks or emails with the status.


  1. Create a user with our API with the information to verify.

  2. Save the magic_link parameter to use for your button href value.

  3. (Optional) Regenerate the magic link for page refreshes or logins where the link is expired.

  4. Display a button with the magic link. Recommended to use target="_blank" (Example Bootstrap Button)

  5. (Optional) Setup redirect URL and messages. You can direct users back to your website upon verification completion to inform them of next onboarding steps.

    1. https://{sub-domain}.trustswiftly.com/settings

Example code

<a class="btn btn-primary" href="https://demo1.trustswiftly.com/security-verify?expires=1622216986&key=17fwnw4Nux6JbVS3RePdDK6n41s2RGQTFXPP2Nj1AZ3ZKnPDD60RQ&signature=ea4da5121e023df8a9c7dfbfa715a56dc1ee3e55e5ef0d7e4986f22a72fb7cc2" target="_blank" role="button">Verify me</a>

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