Install and Demo Guide

The below instructions can be used for demo purposes and for live transactions you can consult with our team for optimal setup with Radar rules.

Note: If using test mode/ sandbox mode please enable the mode into the Stripe connect page

Sign in to your Trust Swiftly tenant

  1. Navigate to https://[COMPANY] (Replace [company] with your specific tenant)

  2. Enter in the your account username and password

  3. Click Log In

Install the Trust Swiftly Stripe App

  1. Navigate to the Connect Stripe App page. https://[COMPANY]

  2. Follow the instructions to install the app by going to Stripe's Marketplace and finding the Trust Swiftly app in the compliance category.

  3. Copy and paste your domain into the settings https://[COMPANY]

  4. After the app is installed on your Stripe account click the verify install button if not automatically updated.

Configure Stripe App Options

  1. Select a value for the Default Verification Template field for one setup in your account.

  2. Enable the toggles for Approve Reviews Automatically and User Email Notifications

  3. Click Update Settings to save.

Configure Stripe Radar to send payments to review

  1. Scroll to the Review rules section and click the Add Rule button

  2. Create a review rule to send any payment over $500 and risk_score > 50 to review or create your own logic following our tips when you are ready for production. Need help setting up Stripe Radar? Contact usfor a Stripe Radar rules optimization service.

  3. Click Test rule and save the rule.

  4. Any future payments that are sent to review will automatically be verified by Trust Swiftly.

Demo Steps

Create a test payment that is put in review

  1. Navigate to payment links in Stripe and create a test payment link

  2. Add a new product called Test Review with a value that will be triggered by your rule. For demo purposes you may need to create a unique rule based on email.

  3. Check the option for Require customers to provide a phone number

  4. Click Create Link button in top right corner.

  5. Copy the payment link and open a new incognito browser window so your other Trust Swiftly session is not impacted with the test.

  6. Populate the payment fields with phone number, email address, and credit card details and click the Pay button.

  7. Now navigate to the Radar review queue to verify the payment was placed in the list

Complete the Trust Swiftly verification

  1. Check the email you used for the test payment and click the Verify button to start.

  2. Next on the dashboard click Verify now

  3. Next click the Send SMS/Call Code.

  4. Enter the code to complete the verification.

  5. Finally navigate to the Radar review queue to see if the payment was approved. If it was approved it should no longer be viewable here:

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